How to Configure Odoo 13 Restaurant POS Table Management

Restaurants come in so many varieties, and each one has its set of needs. This can make researching for a system mind-numbing, and the actual purchase decision even harder. There are, however, several things that every restaurateur from quick service all the way to fine dining, should look for when choosing restaurant POS software. 

In Odoo 13 POS Software, you have the advantage to build restaurant floors, tables, no. of chairs, etc. Odoo 13 POS Restaurant Management is a complete solution for managing the accounts, employees, customers, bills, products, Kitchen orders. 

Every business explores to find the software which covers all their needs and make their business profitable. Similarly, for Restaurant business, a good POS system is required which helps them in the proper functioning of work from table management to inventory management.

General Workflow for Odoo POS:

~Work offline and online. Odoo POS stays reliable even if your connection lost.
~Easy billing feature that supports multiple currencies and payment methods.
~Easily split bills.
~Lets you quickly overview your restaurant and jump from the floor to floor to your table’s orders.
~Clear layout and easy table management on the floor.
~Compatible with any hardware.
~Integrated Inventory management. Real-time control and accurate forecasts to manage procurements.
~Void bill generation in case of canceled orders.

Characteristics of Odoo POS software:

Speed and easy to use:
The restaurant business is one that requires speed. A slow system can be maddening to waiters, managers, or cooks. The notion of speed in a restaurant POS extends to ease-of-use, an intuitive layout, and fast hardware as well. A few seconds here or there can make a huge impact on the service, the food, the drinks, and ultimately the profitability of an establishment.

Reporting for your business:
Point of Sale must show history on your orders, payments, deliveries, customers, employees and more. By using this information in the system, help you run a better business. It also instantly show what is selling and who is buying. And a dashboard showing real-time data to drive sales and profits higher.

Inventory Management:
Look for a restaurant POS system with an inventory management feature that allows you to keep track of every ingredient and item sold. This goes a long way to ensuring profitability and long-term success.

Flexible and customizable:
POS system must be flexible and customizable according to the needs of business and updated with the latest technology.

Now you want to enable Table Management in Odoo POS. Go to Odoo POS module -> Configuration -> and click on the Point of Sale button.

Odoo POS

First of all, you can enter the name of the POS and select the checkbox of Bar/Restaurant. At the same time, you can tick the checkbox of Table Management now you can manage the floors by clicking on the Floors button.


Now click on the New Session button to start a session in the restaurant.


After clicking on the new session button in the restaurant POS. Now you can view your floors and you can add the seats, highlight the table with different colors or also with shape. Now I am accepting orders to table T3. Therefore click on T3.


Now you can edit and modify the table by clicking on the upper right-hand corner icon. At the same time, you can click on the pencil you will access into edit mode, which will enable you to create tables, move and modify them.


To register your table orders

The floor plan will determine accurately wherever your customers exist, wherever are the free tables, who is, however, waiting for food. A smart floor plan will provide you to make the most of your area and try out ideas without wasting time on trial and error. 

After successfully manage the orders, then click on the corresponding table. That will automatically redirect you to the POS session. Consequently,  you will be taken to your typical interface to register an order and payment. Whenever you want to change your order to another table now you can go back to your floor plan via choosing the floor button and you can also change the order to different tables.


At that time, click on the Payment button. Customers can pay the amount by direct cash or Bank account. 


After completing the payment section, now you can print the bill. At that time, you can view the number of guests, table number in the receipt.


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