How to Activate Product Variants in Odoo

Odoo Product variants have unique identifiers, such as price, and every variant is based on the same product definition. Product variants grant you to offer different options for the same product; for example, jeans will generally come in various sizes and colors, or a mobile company may want to offer a product with various memory options.

Odoo Product variants are combinations of product options from product option categories of the Attribute type. You can offer and manage the variants as separate products.

For example, imagine you sell apparel online gym bags that are available to you in different sizes and colors. In this detail, Each combination of the size and color are the product variations that have its own Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), price and stock records for these gym bags.

In Odoo, product variants are not turned on by default in the e-commerce application. In this Blog, you are going to explain “how to activate the product variant features in Odoo” .

To turn on the product variants option, click on Settings in the Configuration section under the Sales menu:

Firstly you have to install the Sales Apps in your database. At that time you must activate the option of product variants in sales apps. 

Go to Sales app -> Configuration ->Settings and tick the checkbox of  ‘Attributes and variants’

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1. To create a product with variants in Odoo 

When you have activated the product variant now you can create the product with the variants by clicking on the create button or you can select a product from the product list and then go to variant of the product.

Go to Product -> product list -> variants tab.
Now add the attributes you need. Whenever there are two values for one attribute, you can get the variants for the product.
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At that time you click on the Save button, now you can view the number of total variants.
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2. To set specific prices per variant

Now you can also set a specific public price per variant by clicking Variant Prices button in the product detail form
To set the prices for each variant;
Go to product detail form > select variant prices > now set a specific price for the variant.
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Now you can enter the attribute name, where you want to add value, to make three fields.

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Now you can enter the cost of the variant in the attribute price extra field It will be then added to the name, attributes values, sales price, cost, quantity on hand, forecast quantity, and barcode.

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3. To disable/archive variants in Odoo

Now you can disable/archive individual variants. Simply uncheck the option of Active button in their detail form. Here you can see the active status, here is where you have to click to make it to inactive status.

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To retrieve such archived items, hit Archived on searching the variants list. It will be reactivated in the same way with which it was disabled.

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