CRM : In any business, quality leads are essential to keep the business growing. Companies or business firms always look for the best ways to get leads for their sales team so that they can work on them and convert them into customers. Generating leads is easy and efficient in Odoo CRM.

Odoo CRM helps you organize your sales activities: track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts. Keep opportunities organized with the pipeline and manage your day-to-day activities with meetings and next activities.

In today’s marketing and sales environment, salespeople want an easy way to track their prospects and they want all the information in one place. In addition, managers require visibility into the sales pipeline and what actions their salespeople are taking.

The Odoo software helps both salespeople and managers, making them more efficient, and giving them access to easily segmented, well-visualized information.

CRM module includes the Various benefits below:

> CRM Reports/Sales pipeline

> Clarified collaboration

> Lead Management

> Handle all communication and intercommunication with prospects

> Automate data entry

> Sales forecasting 

> Be reminded to follow up with prospects

> Employee tracking

> Organize contact data

> Make administrative tasks efficient

> Segment customers

> Scale your sales processes over time

> Ensure team communication is facilitated

In this blog we will discuss about acquire Leads 

Convert leads into Opportunities : Creating leads and converting them into opportunities is a cakewalk in the Odoo CRM platform. Every CRM activities in the platform are managed with pipeline aspects and each and every information starting with the first interaction to the won sale or lost sale is perfectly arranged. The acquired leads in the Odoo can be converted into opportunities straight from the Leads window when the agreements and terms and conditions from the both sides are agreeable.

The system can generate leads instead of opportunities, in order to add a qualification step before converting a Lead into an Opportunity and assigning to the right sales people.

You can activate this mode from the CRM Settings. It applies to all your sales channels by default. But you can make it specific for specific channels from their configuration form.

To work with this feature go to CRM > Configuration > Setting > Enable the lead feature.

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Now you can create a lead. To create a lead, go to the Lead button and after clicking on it you can go to the below screenshot.

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When you click on the create button, you will go to the below screenshot.

From here you can create a new lead by filling the detail in this form and save. After saving the lead we can convert that into opportunity when we feel that lead is an opportunity. During the opportunity, we can create new quotations.

If you want to convert this lead into opportunity then click on the “CONVERT TO OPPORTUNITY” button like in the above screenshot. And then this form will open, you can see in the screenshot below.

If you already have an opportunity with that customer Odoo will automatically offer you to merge with that opportunity. In the same manner, Odoo will automatically offer you to link to an existing customer if that customer already exists.

Lead Mining : The Lead mining feature in Odoo CRM will allow you to generate leads from scratch directly from your database and this is an excellent addition to the leads 

With lead mining you don’t have to wait for customers to come to you anymore; Lead mining will give you space to set criteria for the leads you need to generate. The criteria can be set on the basis of the most relevant leads for your business, based on country.

This feature is designed for newborn and well-established businesses, but its impact on the new business firms is much greater and effective.

To use this feature go to CRM > Configuration > Settings > enable lead mining.


After clicking on the tick option, you have activated the Lead mining function in Odoo CRM. 

A new option called Generate Leads will appear on your CRM dashboard.

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In the page, you can select the options from the drop-downs. You can easily set the country, state, and Industries. And by activating the Filter on the size option you can choose the number of employees and select the team from the drop-downs and the salesperson along with Default tags and after entering and checking all the details click on generate leads. The process is easy and will only take a minute or two to set up and apply for Lead generation. 

Generate Leads/ Opportunity from Emails : For this feature you have to configure email aliases. Each sales team can have its own email alias, to generate leads/opportunities automatically assigned to it. It is useful if you manage several sales teams with specific business processes.

Here you can create a new Sales Team. To create a new sales team click on create a button then you can see the screenshot below.

Generate leads/opportunities from your website contact page : Odoo also offers support in the form of website management software. This software will help the business to grow beyond the limits. 

With the changing era, printed contact forms are not preferred by many. A web-based contact form enables the user to collect as much information as they want and help them to provide all their details.Web-based contact forms are gaining more popularity with the increased use of social media. The form links can be shared via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Automating the lead/opportunity generation will considerably improve your efficiency. Any visitor using the contact form on your website will create a lead/opportunity in the pipeline.

For generating leads through the website, You need to install the Website Module of Odoo.

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As you can see in the above screenshot, the website module is already installed for me. You can install this If this is not installed for you, if you want to use this feature.

Generally, every website has a ‘Contact Us’ option. Whenever a website visitor enters a website and fills in this form for getting answers for queries, this is saved as a lead or the website generates a lead. 

With the CRM app installed, you benefit from a ready-to-use contact form on your Odoo website that will generate leads/opportunities automatically.

To use the “Contact us” you have to go to the website module, then you will see the screenshot below.

Now you have to click on “Go To Website” and this page will open, you can see this in the screenshot below and click on “Contact Us”.

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After clicking on Contact us this form will open, you can see the form in the screenshot below.

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Now you can enter the information in this form and submit this form.

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When you click on the submit button the customer will get a message showing the screenshot below.

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When the customer gets his message, lead will be automatically generated into CRM.

If you want to check this, you can go to CRM > Leads > Leads. You can find the leads here.

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You can also see the recently generated lead here.

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The person who is handling this CRM, he can transfer this lead into opportunity. Click on convert to opportunity button, you can see the screenshot below.

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Now users can click on the Create opportunity button. When he clicks on the create opportunity button, the image will be shown like the screenshot below.

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A lead becomes an opportunity when communication between the client and the sales person progresses. The chances for the opportunity to be converted into a business are more at this stage. Then the user can click MARK WON

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At the same time he can suspend the discussion and drop the proposal. In this case, he will mark it as lost by clicking MARK AS LOST.

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