Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business. It is one of the most important software for any business and implementing it perfectly in business is another important task. Planet-Odoo offers complete end to end solutions to their clients from Odoo implementation to customization with the integration solution. Since the process of Odoo implementation is complex sometimes we also offer an option to hire our Odoo developers for the project so that difficulties level can be slow down and requirement can meet easily.

Planet-Odoo: Odoo(OpenERP) Experience
Planet-Odoo hires well trained technical developers and resources varying in experience from 1+ to 6+ years working with Odoo solution. Our team has experience of working on all Odoo version and successfully worked on OpenERP version 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and the latest version of Odoo 11 and always seek challenges to enhance our programming skills. Planet-Odoo has successfully completed more than 100+ Odoo implementation in different verticals of business. Our team located in India consist of ERP Consultants, Project Managers, Odoo Developers, Quality & Assurance team to test the Development as an option to choose to complete all your Odoo related task and provide you the finest solution.
Our Odoo team worked on almost all modules and have intense knowledge in Sales & CRM, Purchase, Manufacturing, Accounting, Inventory, and others. Also, we had developed various modules from scratch upon client demand. From Business requirement analysis and development to Odoo Customization, till Support, you get everything by hiring Planet-Odoo developers.

How our Team helps you with Odoo software
Implementing ERP solutions to your business is getting compulsory day by day to boost up your business boundaries. Providing more expertness to business by Odoo implementation saves time and increase the productivity of industry. And if you implement Odoo ERP successfully it can make wonders to your business by automating every business departments. Today Odoo comes with a number of updates and improvement. With the growing business managing your database and customer success is a difficult task.
Our Odoo team helps you in developing the software and hiring Planet-Odoo developers ensures you to get the high skills and experience developers.

What do we do?
Hiring developers from our company ensure you to get proper experience, skill and well technical developers with high-quality work in the field which we pride ourselves on. Our aim is to provide you the best service and full satisfaction for all your projects.

Our services include :

1. Odoo Implementation
Planet-Odoo follows simple steps for implementation and provides end to end support to its customers from Business requirement analysis. By acknowledging three main points…What, How and When i.e,
What Organisation need, How Organisation need & When Organisation needs. Evaluating the current needs and future scenario highlight the Industry essentials. Hiring Odoo dedicated resource for Odoo implementation make sure your ERP processes are optimized fully during the development stage.

Following the workflow, we make sure that Odoo is Implemented effectively and efficiently.
EVALUATION:- Evaluation process covers the detailed study of the project i.e., requirement research. By this, we get an idea of what the project is, what is the requirement and what functions can be performed for its betterment. Also, all the members are provided with key details of the project so can consider the story points for development.

BLUEPRINT:- After evaluation will consider the specification of a project than what it consists, for what it is used and what are other specification that can be included the technical drawing is made which can understand the uncertainty during ERP implementation and can work towards it.

PLANNING:- Plan how to perform and by whom to perform. Planning inheres the complete detail of task to be performed and in what manner i.e., a complete execution plan according to requirement.

CONFIGURATION:- We configure data according to past history of your business model. We modify the system according to your business model and work for best business application for business growth.It helps to identify the different areas of functionality in different departments.

INSTALLATION:- Now we go for Installing the software so can be used in day today day life by business industries to achieve greater productivity. Installation requires Odoo Log, Startup script and PostgreSQL database and we can perform all this easily.

RELOCATING DATA:- After the installation now it’s time to relocate the older data of company from older system to the new system. Relocation is performed in a manner that no data loss and duplicity take place.

TRAINING AND SUPPORT:- Training is also arranged to the users so modules can be easily understood and worked on it and training includes both functional and technical training. Training helps to adopt the changes easier for the new system use. We provide support after the complete installation and during its use.

2. Odoo Customization
Customization of modules according to need to ensure your interest in the work. Customization provides life to their companies by following the work process they want to. Workflow can be customized according to the zone of the comfort of company. Our Odoo resource helps you with customization including simple which is an addition in fields, workflows, business processes, forms or complex such as developing a whole new module from scratch which is not available in Odoo.

3. Odoo Support
Planet-Odoo provides you the best support service in Odoo by maintaining your demand in the easy and appropriate way. Planet-Odoo aims at gaining trust for Odoo users to make their business easy to use. We realize the need of Odoo in every business and its implementation and guarantee the quality Odoo support for the believer.
Several times need of Odoo support is identified like during New Odoo/OpenERP set-up, at the time of using Odoo to maintain its progress, during its up-gradation, for knowing the proper workflow. This is the time when Planet-Odoo fixes up all the issues in your mind by providing all kind of support be it Technical Support, Functional Support, Configuration Support, Migration Support or Maintenance.

This support is provided using various ways through Calls, Skype, Emails and Hang Out. A proper schedule meeting is conducted for the issues and support is provided by our developer On-Site and Off-Site.

Why Planet-Odoo for Odoo Upgradation?
Upgrading to the latest technology is the basic need of any business for being in the market and maintaining the existence of the company.
Odoo up-gradation is a systematic approach which is conducted in proper steps to ensure the proper data transfer. Our team knows the importance of each step and always keep it well structured and well-defined.

THROUGHOUT:- We go through the complete business profile workflow. And get the point how data can be transferred and what data to transfer. Through this, we get a complete idea about the workflow and its details.

ABSTRACTION:- Next is the data abstraction that the data to be extracted must be of use.Data need to be transferred from the different location this is done by 3rd party data transfer.

PLANNING:- Planning is done to transfer the data including data cleaning which go through the process of removing of corrupt and inaccurate records.

APPLY:- The plan is activated by adding new requirements related to up-gradation. This means old data is moved to the new system.

VALIDATION:- Now at last validation test is conducted for the proper working. If any error occurs during the validation test it is taken into consideration and resolved as early as possible.

Upgradation takes the company to next level of its achievement. Our company is best to understand and highly efficient to develop modules and provide you the migration support from lower to the higher version and vice versa. Being official Odoo Partner we ensure to make every Odoo Implementation successful for our clients be it small enterprise or Big organizations.

With these qualities of services, we at Planet-Odoo can be your best option when you want to hire an Odoo developer and make Odoo (OpenERP) an integral part of your business.

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