Odoo : Odoo is a Business Management Software which includes CRM, Billing, Sales, Purchase Manufacturing, Accounting, Warehouse, Project Management, Inventory Management, and E-Commerce. Odoo – open source ERP is the leading open-source solution and it was released under the AGPL license.

Odoo Purchase Management Module : Purchase Management with Odoo is one of the most crucial sections of an organization. The Odoo Purchase Management solution will help you automate your purchasing procedure and increase the performance of your purchases and inventory.On a daily basis, it is compulsory that the company will purchase a variety of items and services in order to meet a variety of business needs. As a result, having a module to manage all purchases is quite important.

The purchase may include the buying of products, raw materials, stationery items, machines, or any other items. The purchase of different types of products or materials is required for the smooth operation of the business.

A purchase order is the first commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller that specifies the agreed-upon price of the goods or services. With the help of Odoo, you can now make purchase orders in a categorized manner. 

Odoo Purchase helps you keep track of purchase agreements, quotations, and purchase orders. 

Purchase Module Benefits :

  1. Keeps track of product inventory and purchases.
  2. Manage Orders
  3. Payment and invoice management
  4. Simple billing process
  5. Manages every detail
  6. Quickly generates a quotation request 
  7. Easy integration with accounting and inventory wings

Let’s talk about the Purchase module’s Orders menu : When you click on orders you can see Requests for Quotation, Purchase Orders, Purchase Agreement, and Vendors are all found in the Purchase module’s Orders menu. LaMONYiaCLHD3kpT6

Request for quotation : Most important feature of Odoo purchase module is request to quotation. A Request for Quotation is used when you plan to purchase some products and you would like to receive a quote for those products.

How to create a request for quotation : To creating request for quotation you have to go to the purchase module > open purchase order > request for quotation > and click on createTbA1TZE1vRCsrJvQCuauTzfJftClTRPIDb7HtDA4362mAJy61doTRCraAqTkHrOeh8 N8kMuaU4os8bfVD1FYPIxYkjRjTBaoOIeYNYmmOrwPJEvg2QLDG09HMfHOb jQO80l 2

Select your supplier in the Vendor menu, or create it on-the-fly by clicking on Create and Edit. In the Order Date field, select the date to which you wish to proceed to the actual order.

You can handle and make requests to vendors using the Request for Quotation field. In the RFQ you can see the status such as to send, waiting and late.C1UslrgXCpyZXGGfrkj7xpRCIf8sQy7ul7hIvCGbGDa8AihSxzZxtrXazMxZNWPh4vMF0diyQ1H1LVDq8 7ygEsfIYKttAH8 yiVDom2NkZIkh9rCOLHsVVAfFws5fLYa 2ao8h

You can send the Request for Quotation by mail by filling up the essential information about the seller and product. BBK4UFMkAEcEjNRc7mV oMQf9ORAe 27wa9cOAdzDPzCrzYy kC fZ7jZWrEo5BQpm 3WSHBqSWS3AXNA6xCqDvVcJNiBlLlVQSssn TJBK3 5 siZgzBpI5Lvm2PSgghH4lm5

Purchase Orders :This feature aids in the creation and management of purchase orders. This procedure can be started after the quotation procedure has been completed. In the Purchase module’s Purchase Order menu, you can see a list of all purchase orders likewise references, confirmation date, vendor, company name, receipt date, purchase representative, next activity, source document, total, billing status. xt4ju4YdoTSRy9Kb 8WvuElga 6seLZBl7Py39j3dhKOHqCIT8gi2scKArZmXTBfjJRytjkADfZ8e0SMaQJ taOCchYEk FN N

Like any other module in Odoo, it also has a create option. It will help you to create a new purchase order.

It also allows users to provide information such as reference numbers, order confirmation dates, vendor information, and receipt dates. You can also add the company name, purchase representative, purchase agreement, order deadline.nwGTGcPovll WORy9avxZ9Y8 MAs7jVYYKDeOixAwRqhknfU O4DA yICE0XUzRCef tH701BU8lFkkmFnF3ZtKQzy3doisUF UYJqw4kRzz

Through the purchase order dashboard you can see the order’s billing status.8izE77xHLwI6ZX4 b835BMcDgjXmhbo8jX6

Odoo has added a new feature which is “next activity” that allows users to plan and schedule their upcoming events.Gg eycYS6MOsOIAQk542PrQ04eLHKjkJYk VmlImtDKy54xaUzxA3BqtQOxVJU9N58Rs6oAQyhnge2bHLvBn9Ao8b2GpG iIAM7CD8OOXZ8dInN0L xMJqAlnqFBuL09nmAgV

Purchase Agreement : A purchase order can be defined as the first commercial document that is issued by a buyer to the seller which indicates the agreed price of the products or services. That means the Seller who wishes to sell a piece of personal property and the Buyer who wants to buy that property. This field contains a list of existing agreements and their current state.

The Reference, Purchase Representative, Company, Ordering Date, Agreement Deadline, Source Document, and Status are also displayed.

To configure purchase agreements, go to the Purchase Module > Configuration > Settings > Enable purchase agreements and save changes.eNkTZyDCSF0ypEcjCBC5pB3S2d0XD SrCOjG85V195E6sSNIUZlZL2 XV dwhAYj68HxO6ndG0ReZQ0NOI0HdsQZXC0UGPVDDC U8WFeeHf8iHbn qC8IiRw yuMOqKskB8tBR4BZ8cdBhzRS7XXi6v2s3PGOKGV WdsBkvwQ6ykeca0LRUjkwzruVgztin0xd2ESH6KBsE1EdVqF9i76mPpGFX3tALZF0yh2z6oXdfxn4DPKNdx799keSQ0iAnK5h8 B9DGFosGQ79A

Like any other module in Odoo, it also has a create option. It will help you to create a new purchase agreement.

When you click on create button, you can see this and create new one : AHGIhEoJhEM6S7SgDzqUAT61ToDxhWNWPHO2vRrqwOfkBNEqmT4lPX7EvU8GyJCr wdA3ZY2nvJSHrELO69gHRw3SvZ9RNJjJp XlG5j09X8WsBI5fRzoy9AtVIL2oVWtWe6IjWJ

Add the purchase agreement details in the form like purchase representative, agreement deadline, agreement type, etc. Here vendor is not necessary to add. Because later we create RFQ for multiple vendors. 

Purchase representative : The person who is responsible for this creation.

Agreement Deadline : Deadline or expiry of this tender.

Ordering Date : The date for which the tender is created and confirmed

Delivery Date : The planned and scheduled date for the arrival of  all the goods 

Under the Agreement Type field, the end user would find two options: Call for Tender and Blanket Order. There are two types of purchase agreement in Odoo, including “Call for Tender” and “Blanket Order”.

Call for Tender : It can be defined as the type where a customer sends a Request for a quote to many vendors and selects the one whose price suits them best.

Blanket Order : It can be defined as an order which a customer places to allow multiple delivery dates over a period of time. It is utilized to arrange a limited cost. 

Vendor : To whom we are sending this quotation.

The purchase agreement and source agreement are auto-filled since it is generated from the purchase agreement. Specify the product and price per quantity and quantity that are intended to purchase. Send the quotation to the vendor and save.2jjApeHaF1TMVjgtNzriiGy6jJF4UtUXozONeKeyZSmkp9PAAWJ1bhD6RSA8bQGBriulRH3yuDpAM6gSJd2Q7hcCWfkhbdfRE9r9RYqomErhzZSkvMytj2Zl1ML LBcM0ydR6U

In the quotation form, we can see a new checkbox to ask for confirmation. That means asking confirmation from the vendor that the product will receive on the promised date or not.mF7z3sd7zE46 Me4hnye74EJxJZQ8L 5rpRDj3mrVg5IAGTVvO1P9NIXmi605beGSWkfs B0FvyC xMH4ODPpOE7Olwj5Sxk

When you confirm the order this will happen automatically : Su2jiPJH 5QoJihMCdjTroZ8uWu9Lf0sdNwbueacWB ClLFpN9OegV7U2H5duS2yl9aBU9D5OMTMeKMCGUgBwG3ZRn 6zma EEHv uAVY4HmXzCyMEsdiJ9dh68HnQHmovI1j PI

Vendors : Vendor is the person whom we are sending the quotation. Here you can easily manage your vendors activities. It can help you to manage the vendors and add as many vendors you want. You can also remove vendors whom you want to blacklist with the help of this feature. 5iGw666VdPykDZl7uO9rsDOAbxw0rHa0u0nBjYH3JtCq KXJ9P9OSAU7BTc3pwMAQ8yvB1kHw7ev2kz0pG Mtqx5e

By clicking the ‘Create’ button, you may open the creation window and add a new vendor to your purchasing module. rkaucgTdut5ZejwMWLa6xnJSzWD83lMSH v7w owC3UY5hi3jueHRR5zWibewrV 9UMZUTMth2PDulV 8KpkveKzcZQ0YANgotKHNmBw FSBs65cfkHQQ98hsHyBIBP4ia VTz9V

You can add a person or a business as a vendor. Include information on the vendor, are : their name and address. Contacts & Addresses, Sales & Purchase, Accounting, Internal Notes, Partner Assignment, Membership, and Private Settings are all available to customize. After entering all of the essential information into the vendor’s form, save the information. 

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