Generate Odoo CRM Leads from Website’s Contact form

Odoo CRM is the Customer Relationship Management module within the Odoo platform. Odoo CRM is a powerful and easy-to-use app. Its suite of applications includes lead management, sales automation, marketing campaign management, and business reporting features. Odoo CRM also features marketing campaign management that helps users design marketing campaigns for lead generation and brand promotional activities.

In this article, we are going to explain the matter of how to “Generate Leads Through Website in Odoo”. Odoo has an option to configure Incoming mail server, this will create a record in the configured table (we are going to configure that to Leads/Opportunity). In present-day marketing and sales background, businesspeople want an effortless manner to track their prospects and they want all the information in one place. In addition, managers require visibility into the sales pipeline and what actions their salespeople are taking.

In this article, you will get proficiency in how to have your contact form’s submissions added to Odoo CRM leads. Odoo is one of the most popular Opensource Enterprise application for CRM. Odoo CRM manages the leads, opportunities, and customers of our organization and to simply track the workflow from the starting to the end in a sale.

Leads can be captured through many sources – marketing operation, exhibitions, trade shows, and external databases, etc. The most common challenge is to successfully gather all the data and to track any lead activity. Storing leads information in a central place such as Odoo CRM will release you of these worries and will help you to better automate your lead generation process, share information with your teams and analyze your sales processes easily. Any consumer using the contact form on your website will create a lead/opportunity in the pipeline.

The company website is the best Lead Generation Tool. In Odoo ERP, the Website and CRM modules are fully integrated, meaning that you can easily generate leads from various ways through your website. However, even if you are hosting your website on another CMS, it is still possible to fill Odoo CRM with leads generated from your website. This application integrates a contact form in your “Contact us” page on the website and automatically create leads in Odoo CRM whenever the form is submitted.

Let see how to generate leads from website visitors:

Go to Apps and install Odoo Website Builder and CRM  in your instance.

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You will generate leads/opportunities on your Odoo website by using the contact form.

Go to Apps -> Contact form. Install the contact form in your database.

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Now you go to the website and click on the contact us page, you will fill the contact us form.

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Upon further click, you can also see the contact form. At this time you have a look at what is there in the contact page before installing the Contact Form Application.

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When you click on Send us an email button, an email composing wizard will pop up, where you can insert the details and queries and later send it across your contacts.

Now we can go to our contact form. In the contact Application form, you can fill all details such as name, phone number, email, company name, subject, question. After filling all the details then click on the Send button.  When a customer visits our website and sends an inquiry we can instantly get the status of it. that is we get a message that looks like below.

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At any time the customer submits the form, the data is automatically fetched to leads.
Go to CRM -> Pipeline

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We can view the posted inquiry here as a lead. You can also view that all the information given in the contact form is pre-filled in the lead.

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