As the competition in the manufacturing industries is increasing now and then , the demand for ERP software is increasing as it is more affordable to use and provide various features and benefits and new solutions to various problems being faced by the manufacturing industries.

Discrete manufacturers are the ones that produce goods/products from a bunch of other items which means that they assemble different items to produce a product that can be sold individually such as computers, furniture etc. Hence the discrete manufacturing industry requires ERP for keeping track and checking on each item being used for creating a product, thereby eliminating any wastage. ERP software provides solutions  to the discrete manufacturing industry through integration and streamlining processes related to business namely, CRM, cash collection, procurement, payment, production, finance etc.

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For discrete manufacturing, the ERP software offers a wide range of solutions for both traditional and new business challenges, that are as follows.

  1. A single source of Truth : The ERP database helps manufacturers in managing different types of information, from customer data to inventory to production and sales. It also simplifies all the information required for manufacturing through the database. It also reduces several other tools thereby reducing the use of spreadsheets. Hence, they are also the problem caused by the lack of integration.
  1. Replacement of insufficient Technology : As new techniques are advicing in industry, hence there is a need to replace order technologies to outgrow the system. The ERP for discrete manufacturing creates in-house software to keep up with the latest technological advancements.
  1. Increased Productivity : This is of utmost importance as it helps employees in focusing on things that matter and users are most prone to errors when they do not have proper tools or easy access to information. Hence , ERP solutions offer all the necessary features needed to increase the productivity of the industry such as by providing a single data repository etc.
  1. Management of production across multiple locations : Manufacturing of products to different locations comes with a challenge. Hence, an integrated ERP solution can be used at any location there, allowing manufacturers to share information and collaborate among their teams and different production operations can be carried out from different locations at the same time.
  1. Cost reduction and improved profitability : ERP helps in reducing back-office error and the time spent by the employee on each time thereby reducing the cost improving productivity and helping in improving the quality standard of product requested by the customer.
  1. Support for the future growth of the company : Selection and then implementation of ERP is a costly and disruptive process, hence manufacturers need to install the one that lasts for at least 5 to 10 years and adapt with the changing needs as the manufacturing company will grow. Hence, ERP solutions come with the flexibility that allows the manufacturers to begin with the features they need and add new functions that are necessary for the company in future.
  1. Adaption to market changes : It requires a lot of time and effort, some needs to create new designs, find suppliers, estimate customers point of view and review production lines. The ERP software easily supports all these activities by quickly providing information, tracking operation and costs and so on.
  1. Improved relationship with suppliers : It is an important part of the discrete industry and they need to buy raw materials, parts to make the product and sometimes the quality of the product is hampered. Hence, the ERP system tracks the supplier’s history, evaluates suppliers based on their performance in the market and provides the best one for various needs, thereby helping manufacturers to improve their relationship with the suppliers. 
  1. Compliance with quality rules and regulations : It is an important factor to stay in this age of increasing competition in the market as quality plays a very important role. Hence, ERP helps manufacturers in defining, implementing and monitoring quality management at all stages of the product life cycle from design to the final product.   

Why choose Planet-Odoo?

It is a Mumbai based reputable company of Odoo in India that provides cost-effective ERP solutions and other Odoo applications for various manufacturing sectors of the industry.

The Planet-Odoo have sufficient knowledge and understanding about requirements collection and analysis, designing, coding, testng and training, supporting the customer services, and have feasibility for studying and designing of products.

The planet-odoo services help in providing a solution to various problems being faced by the manufacturing industry keeping the view the requirements and needs of the company in mind.

Various advanced features are included by ERP from Odoo manufacturers that help in managing inventory, warehouse, supply chain of products and their sales.

The solutions provided by Planet-Odoo are open and modular and are always customized based on the requirements of the business.

Planet-Odoo manufacturing implementation is quite simple and easy in tracking the inventory as it is flexible and has a centralized database.

Concluding, as started, discrete manufacturers use different items for producing a final product which involves various steps, at each step the material can change its shape, size of form, hence ERP software from Planet-Odoo help in tracking the material when it is raw to finished product in terms of its quality and value thereby producing an error-free product.

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