As technology is improving every day and everything is becoming digitalized, it is changing the way products are being designed, manufactured, operated, and marketed and how they are sold. Hence, we can say that technology is improving business through innovative ideas and becoming a game-changing process.

An ERP (enterprise resource solution) is one such innovative software developed by technology for the manufacturing industry that helps in fulfilling today’s needs and requirements of business and integrates all aspects of the manufacturing business industry.

This manufacturing ERP offers a wide range of features and solutions to improve business functions, which are as follows-

Inventory management- This step is important for the business industry to manage inventory properly. Hence, inventory management involves knowing your stock, status of the product, management of raw material being used, finished products, tracking of purchase orders, and overall control over manufactured things.

Compliance and risk management- ERP software helps in keeping the track of all compliance and regulation that are related to your business and there is no need for any other software, as ERP helps to manage environmental, information security, and regulation of human resources at every stage of manufacturing products.

Quality control- It includes that the products manufactured meet the set standards by the organization in terms of quality. The ERP software helps to track and monitor various processes that are involved in the processing of manufactured products through various mechanisms and monitoring it at every level.

Process automation- The software offers process automation completely that involves integrating various processes such as sales, purchase records, stocks human resources, and so on. It not only saves time but also enables to have real-time data and better control over the product.

Requirement planning and management- An ideal ERP allows real-time data management and centralization of data storage thereby allowing multi-level management to fulfill demands

Distribution and supply chain management- It allows effective distribution and proper processing of supply chain management such as through packing, warehousing, logistics, vendors, and suppliers.

Asset management- It provides the manufacturing industry with asset management that reduces risk, cost and increases uptake and productivity by managing physical assets and equipment.

Finance and accounting- The ERP system consists of various report and intelligence integrated tools, which helps in keeping the track of every finance activity and documentation.

Major industry challenge- There are various problems that the manufacturing industry is dealing with because of sluggish growth in various areas and due to global pandemic being faced by the nation, that is as follows-

●       Need for continuous manufacturing of high-quality products

●       Need to reduce the cost of manufacturing

●       Planning the finance

●       Coming up with strategies for the retail of products

●       Satisfying the customers for the commitments

●       Planning for the stocks

●       Managing and following government guidelines.

●       Shortage of supply chain of manufacturing products

●       Shortage of skilled labor supply

Benefits of ODOO ERP software for manufacturers-

Automation- As in today’s world digitization is increasing, companies should opt for Odoo planet solutions regarding automation such as for inventory updates, payments and invoicing, tracking and distribution, etc, this all will help in efficiency, productivity, accuracy, operational cost being low and ensuring the safety of all employees.

Master data management– Odoo ERP has data management capabilities that help companies to process business without duplicating data. This also ensures a constant exchange of organizational data, eliminates redundancy, and business operations are simplified through this.

Quality control- Companies can check quality through Odoo ERP which helps in scheduling operations and also maintains requests automatically when needed. It also helps in tracking different versions of manufactured products and managing them routinely.

Forecasting- The software from Odoo manufacturing contains analytical tools that locate patterns, data sets are observed and forecast future trends that help manufacturing companies to strategize their business accordingly to meet customer demands and earn their loyalty.

Managing the workforce- The software contains an HRM module that allows training and development, capabilities and skills management, and compensating records and data of employees. It also includes an employee scheduling feature that helps in scheduling and tracking tasks performed by employees.

Returns-It improves operational efficiency, increases productivity, and thereby enhances customer satisfaction maximizing business returns.

  1. Why choose planet ODOO?

●  The planet-odoo helps by providing complete help regarding the company management related to the business.

●  Provides solutions to various problems being faced by the company keeping their needs and requirements in mind.

●  The guidance provided by the Odoo Manufacturing planet helps in increasing and adding worth to the manufacturing industry.

●  Provide some solutions that are ready-made which can be implemented quickly for the business that helps in reducing cost and time.

Thereby, summing up, as we have seen that with growing advancement, the manufacturing industry is facing a lot of problems in terms of their manufacturing and products, hence planet-odoo services help in providing them with a solution to their problem which helps in improving their business and ultimately satisfy their customer.

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