ERP for Thailand Furniture Industry

The furniture retailers are covered with large opportunities for growth but also with great new challenges. Any type of business, it is essential to maintain a record of all the transactions to sequentially know the profits and losses for your business. Odoo ERP is advantageous for small and big furniture industries. Odoo ERP for the furniture industry would be required to maintain a record of all the customers and their specifications, management of raw material costs and lead times, final product, services, vendors & their details, etc.

Odoo is a comprehensive ERP system that can suit the necessities of the end product furniture manufactures while also maintaining the part suppliers for parts kits and sub-assemblies. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides an opportunity for the furniture industry to improve profitability and competitiveness in now’s marketplace. The ERP for the furniture industry would be required to keep a track of all the clients, vendors, suppliers, productions, purchase, exports, BOM, etc. 

ERP for the furniture industry provides various services like

1.) Accounting Management
2.) Human Resource Management
3.) Purchase Management
4.) Sales Management
5.) Supply Chain Management
6.) Service Management

 The furniture industry uses several raw materials to manufacture its products. This industry uses wood, wood-based panels, metals, plastics, textiles, and glass.

Odoo ERP is used by the  Furniture industry to provide an immediate response for any type of condition and product disqualifies. Odoo ERP for the furniture industry is useful to manage the list of all and used & unused raw materials, how many products are produced and sold, the total amount spent a received, etc.

Advantages of Odoo ERP in the Furniture Industry:

>> Odoo ERP solutions are easily scalable. In Odoo ERP  Software easily allows you to add new functionality, methods, departments, and many more.

>> ERP helps you to overcome the price and improve the gain advantage you with the knowledge to know the system flow at the same time, all your methods are modernized.

>> Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) also helps you to grow acquisition, inventory, and demand forecasting, etc.

>> Odoo ERP software substantially growing the whole supply chain and performing it more responsive.

>> In Odoo ERP you can have various reports whatever provides you the entire list of all the transactions in your business.

Improvement in productivity, Less labor required, Data summary can be accessible, Various marketing tactics can be comprised,  and some increment in profitability.

Furniture has a comprehensive variety of dimensions, colors, fabrics and product options. Odoo ERP for Furniture Industry is essential in maintaining records of all types of furniture inventory like manufacturing of office furniture, case goods, seating, commercial, covered and specialty furniture, regardless of their raw material.

Odoo ERP also enables companies to determine end-product specifications, improve production as budgets change, and produce proposed purchase orders to fill predicted gaps in their raw materials inventory.

Planning & Production

ERP supports information flow between all business functions inside the organization and manages connections to outside stakeholders. The most essential part of your furniture manufacturing business is, well, the manufacturing. Odoo ERP for planning and production handles all the business processes for an organization. In Odoo ERP Supports different kinds of the department in the business. It depends on the specific organizational needs & you can customize the ERP system as per your need and standard.

Production Planning Module of ERP project is a small scale industry manufacturer of
paper products. This type of module handles past data of sales of the company and accordingly, its forecasts. The Master production schedule data is given to material requirement planning module which also required data like inventory status and BOM file. The production control module can generate
the report like daily production report, breakdown maintenance report.

Effective Resource Planning:

Furniture Manufacturing requires more efficient raw materials, and at the same time deal with many suppliers. It is also used the manage the inventory of the warehouse and manage different locations of the warehouse. 
Effective Resource Planning is used for the furniture industry to manage all demands of the supplier and handle all types of raw materials.

Supply Chain Management

Several furniture companies source materials from a type of countries or locations, in search of the best prices. An ERP system with supply chain management handles various warehouses in several locations, & also several subsidiaries, all from a specific dashboard. Supply Chain Planning is a sequence of all the planning processes over several business planning functions as follows like Materials Requirement Planning, Inventory Planning, Financial Planning, Supply Planning, Demand Planning, etc.

Supply chain management (SCM) is the comprehensive range of activities needed to plan, control and execute a product’s flow from materials to production to spread in the most economical way possible. Manufacturers need to team up with suppliers, sellers, and retailers to handle a balance between supply and demand. Several manufacturers use Combined Planning, Forecasting, and Renewal.

Order Management

An ERP in the furniture industry, therefore, supports in handling certain complicated and ever-growing business demands. Keeping all the essentials in hand, an ERP in the furniture industry helps in configuring the products the way the customer wants them. ERP provides instant information on the status of orders and allows production to plan for material built on order position. The system can inform on pricing, credit limit and several other checks that will need a large amount of time to obtain which is the exact reason for the delay in order processing. A successful business run is confirmed only at the same time,  the furniture industry works in meeting and satisfying the customer orders.

Inventory Management

As a furniture industry, you can deal with a vital amount of inventory, and want to have enough on hand to deliver during items are purchased. Inventory Management is a different key part of your business. In Inventory manage stocks in warehouses across different locations. Under the Inventory module, you can able to generate a corresponding report of received quantity versus needed and purchased quantity.
You can able to generate material transactions and balance reports.

To Create Item Grouping For Sales

In the furniture industry, it is usually needed to create item groups or ungroup some items based on customer demand. Odoo ERP provides stock routing feature to simply group individual items into a set and invoice it. The system updates the inventory automatically based on the action taken by the user to process the order. 

Planet Odoo has created video for Odoo  ERP for Thailand Furniture Industry. It is using the Manufacturing, Sales and Purchase modules where you view the sale process of the manufactured product in your manufacturing company including the creation of Sales Order, Manufacturing Orders, BoMs, Purchase Order and Accounting Reports.

Please find the link of video Odoo ERP for Thailand Furniture  Industry demo in here:

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