Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a wide term which not only describes to manage the resources for big corporates but also for the small companies. Adopting an ERP system is the big investment can be done by the small company rather think what they need for an ERP.

ERP system is prepared to keep in mind all types of business irrespective of their size whether it is a small or large business. In today’s business scenario no business is small for acquiring an ERP system, ERP allows every business to operate and run ERP system.

Enlarging the business is the matter of concern for small business. Unlike big corporates with a lot of capitals, small business depends on the verbal or mouth publicity to expand their business. Small business should adopt ERP system with the help of the ERP consultant so that proper guidance can be provided and the system can be run effectively and efficiently. Since small business has less number of employee it would easier for them to adopt the system and also convenience for the employee to learn the system. On the other hand in big companies where training for every employee is difficult and time-consuming and also very costly and small business can easily adapt this and make every employee as an ERP friendly.

Now the question arises what benefits do small businesses get from ERP?
– Efficiency, productivity and profitability in business by ERP software organizes the data essential to the business. It provides visibility to all the systems and processes and integrates them so all employees have access to the information they need, when they need it, to do their jobs more efficiently.
Gathering company information in one common database makes it easier to manage and share information within the company.
– Decision making power of company can be improved by getting real time data on their system further which help in management, marketing, reporting, accounting which enables the organization to make the decision on time.
– Employees often use their own databases to perform their jobs and, as a result, the other people in the organization find it difficult to obtain the information they need. Therefore by proving the transparency features in the system this problem can be resolved by using a single software.
– ERP system provides a way to standardize work sequences throughout all processes.
– Small business requires fewer features and less requirement of customization. This proves the cost effective feature for small business.

Therefore effective ERP system is an important for business success because of its ability to manage the business across all departments in real time and to enhance the business ERP is very beneficial in improving the management of a small company.