Delivery Method in Odoo:

Odoo can handle various delivery methods, but it is not triggered by default. Delivery methods can be used for the normal sales order, your deliveries but you can also use for your e-commerce order. Delivery methods allow you to manage the transport company, the price, and the destination. In the Odoo Sales process when your customer requires you to take care of delivery orders and bill it back. This feature will work you can configure shipping vendors and update the associated cost. Using shipping connectors like USPS, UPS, FedEx and their integration with Odoo ERP helps to seamlessly carry out Shipping within Odoo. 

Configure the delivery method in Odoo:

>>Now you can configure the delivery method in Odoo, you have to install the inventory module and delivery cost.

Go to apps and install Delivery costs module in your database. Whenever you want to integrate delivery methods in your e-commerce, you’ll have to install the eCommerce Delivery module.

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Now, Go to Inventory->Configuration->Delivery->Delivery Methods
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First set a name for the new delivery method. At that time you’ll have to set the pricing. It can be fixed or based on rules.  
>>Whenever the price is fixed, tick the checkbox of Fixed price. You’ll just have to define the price. If you want the delivery to be free, tick the checkbox Free if Order total is more than and set a price.

If you want the delivery to be free

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>>Whenever the price varies according to rules, tick checkbox Based on Rules. Click on add an item to a pricing rule.

Based on rules option is for computing the delivery cost based on certain rules. The conditions  based on either the weight, the volume, the price or the quantity.”

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Certainly, you can set limit the delivery method to a few destinations. The restrictions can be applied to some countries, states or even zip codes. This feature limits the list of countries on your e-commerce. Using this option you can define different rules for the delivery method according to your needs.

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Delivery Process:

Firstly, you have to create a sale order and choose the delivery method. Whenever you want to invoice the delivery price on the sale order, click on Set Price button it will add a line with the name of the delivery method as a product, At that time click on the confirm button.

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On the delivery, you can see the Carrier Information under the Delivery Information section. You can add or change the delivery method on the delivery itself.

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