Creating Manufacturing Order from Sales Order in Odoo 13

Odoo 13 Manufacturing module manages all manufacturing related activities. Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial Management, and Human Resources. Manufacturing in Odoo is more helpful for the production of a manufactured product or the product is built by some other products with different quantities. Odoo Manufacturing Module manages production by work order or either by manufacturing order. Master Production Schedule(MPS) is available which enables to schedule the production of stock.

Odoo Manufacturing enables to set of product variants and By-products in the bills of material. It manages quality control points, checks, measures. The role of the ERP manufacturing module is to complete the inventory management by implementing the operations specific to a streamlined manufacturing process.

In this blog, we are going to discuss “Creating Manufacturing Order from Sales Order in Odoo 13″.  In this blog, you are easily creating a manufacturing order from a sales order in Odoo very simply and efficiently. Odoo Manufacturing ERPs are made into the same databases that run usual business plans and applications, creating a comprehensive business management platform.

At the same time, you create a sale order for a product with Bill of Material, Odoo automatically generates a manufacturing order. Under the Inventory tab of the products now you can tick the checkbox of Manufacture & Make to Order option. When the sales order becomes confirmed, then manufacturing order becomes created.


First of all, you have to install the Sales, and Manufacturing module in your database.


Now you can configure the product for which you want to generate the Manufacturing Order from a Sales Order you need to do the following configurations:

First of all, you can create the product in Sales Modules.

Go to Sales Module -> Products and click on Create button.

Odoo Product

 Under the general information tab of the product now you can select the product category like Consumable.

1 5

Under the Inventory tab, you can select the routes and tick the checkboxes of the ‘Manufacture’ & ‘Make To Order’ option.  At that time, you can select the vendor in the purchase tab.

2 4

After configuring the product then you can create a Bill of Material(BoM). There are two types of methods to design the Bill of Material for the product:

1. Clicking on the Bill of Materials button on the product page.

2. Create a Bill of Materials(BoM) in Manufacturing apps.

Now you can go to the Bill of Materials option under Master Data. At that time, you can choose the product from the dropdown menu and fill the following details of the fields like quantity, BoM type, and add the components.

3 5

Now you can create the sale order, choose the product which you applied in the making of a Bill of Material at that time, and you can fill all the required fields then click on the Save button to confirm the sale order.

4 6

Now you can view a manufacturing order that is automatically created for the selected product in the sales order.

Whenever you want to see a new manufacturing order is automatically created of sales order you need to do the following configurations: Go to Manufacturing -> Operations -> Manufacturing orders.

5 3

If you click on the “Check Availability” button, which will examine whether enough components for the manufacturing is available or not. Whenever a sufficient component for the manufacturing is available, now you can plan the manufacturing of the product. Now you can initiate the work order.

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