Coupon codes (Promotion codes) in Odoo e-commerce

In Odoo eCommerce and online shopping a coupon code, or promo code, is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that consumers can enter into a promotional box on a site’s shopping cart to obtain a discount on the current purchase. Coupon codes / Promotional codes are used to increase their sales. Odoo provides us this important feature. In this Blog, you are going to discuss how to use Coupon code/ Promotional code in Odoo eCommerce. 


Now Lets’ see how to use Coupon code/ Promotion code in Odoo eCommerce.

First of all,  you can install the Sales module in your database.

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Now you have to activate the price list in the Sales modules.

Go to Sales-> Configuration -> Setting  -> Pricing.

At that time you can tick the three checkboxes like Discounts, Coupons & Promotions and  Pricelist.

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After that, go to >Price lists. Here you can create a new price list or you can select one from the list, and i am selecting the public price from the list.

  1. Go to menu Sales > Configuration > Pricelists > Pricelists.
  2. Click on the Create button.
  3. Enter the coupon code in “E-commerce Promotional Code” and add the items for which you want to apply discounts.

Now you can create a new price list or select an existing one from the list.

Go to Sales -> Product -> Pricelists -> and click on the Create button.

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At that time you can fill the following fields like “E-commerce Promotional Code” and add the items for which you want to apply discounts and the website on which the discount is provided.

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Now click on the Add an Item button to add the item and fill the following fields like name of the product, Min quantity, Price, Start date, End date.

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When you click on the add an item button a new window will be appeared and enter the following fields like firstly you can choose on which category the discount is to be applied and choose the one checkbox. Now you can compute the discount price in three types.

1. Fixed Price

2. Percentage(discount)

3. formula 

At that time you can fill the min quantity, start date, end date, and percentage price.

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At that time you can add the product in the cart on the Website.  Now click on the Shop button and select the product at that time add the product in the cart. 

After successfully adding the product in the cart, your shopping cart will be displayed on the screen.

Whenever you want to display the coupon code so click on the Customize button and tick the checkbox of Coupon code.

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Now you can view the ‘Customizable Desk (CONFIG)’ is having a 20% discount. At that time click on the “Process Checkout” button to continue with your shopping.

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