Email marketing is the use of email to advertise products or services at the same time developing relationships with potential customers or clients. The app allows you to create email marketing campaigns and to verify your success. Email marketing is an essential component of a marketing strategy for any kind of business. Email marketing can involves newsletters with updates on the company, or promotions of sales and exclusive deals for subscribers. E-mail marketing is a subset of online marketing and when applied correctly a highly successful one. 

“Odoo Email Marketing” solution provides an easy solution to create personalized emails. Email marketing solution, not only are you able to distribute your newsletter in a quick and standardized manner but also track the results of your campaigns. This means that information including the share of open emails, open rates, click rate, bounced emails, etc. is always close at hand. 

In this article, we are going to explain the look of the Odoo in marketing field through this medium Email Marketing in Odoo.    


Firstly, you can install the Odoo Marketing module in your database.

image 41

At the same time you go to the Email Marketing Application, this is the user interface you are faced with.

Odoo Email Marketing

Now you can click on the Create button to start a new campaign.

Odoo email marketing

 Now Enter the following details:

1. Add a subject line relevant to your campaign.

2. Specify recipients;   We have a different option for this: Applicant, Contact, Event Registration, Event track, Sale Order, Mailing List.

When we choose the recipients, followingly we can choose the related records. If it is a Lead/opportunity, we can select the customer, etc depending upon our selection of the recipient. Odoo supports various custom mailing lists built by you. You are able to send out your newsletter to all subscribers at once or to selected lists. If you need to exclude a few contacts from mailing, you can click the Add filter button and specify filter criteria.

3. Select a preferred template; Odoo supplies dozens of pre-built templates fully customizable to meet your needs. You can add any element of email layout (text, logo, image, separator, button, etc.) by simply dragging it to the workspace. If required, you are able to adjust elements’ sizes and rearrange their positioning in only one click.

4. Add marketing message, images, and other elements;

5. Specify delivery option.

Odoo Email Marketing

With email marketing in Odoo, you can keep track of the number of sent newsletters as well as the percentage of opened, replied, clicked, and bounced emails. Email marketing analytics permit marketers to get a grip on the outcome of campaigns and rapidly introduce changes if needed.

image 42

As we are selected recipient, as Lead/Opportunity we can see the Lead/Opportunity info directly from the mailing form.

Odoo provides extensive tools to manage subscribers’ mailing lists. Now we can create the mass mailing list.

To add the mailing lists click on the option Select mailing list as shown below.

Go to Email Marketing > Mailing Lists > Create a New Mailing List

Odoo email marketing

 When we create the mailing list we can add recipients to that mailing list.

Odoo Email Marketing

Mailing campaigns: 

Firstly, you can tick the checkbox of Mailing Campaigns to create a new Mailing Campaign.

image 43

Now you can create a new Mailing Campaign by clicking on the Campaign tab.

image 44

After clicking on the create button you can fill the following details: Campaign Name, Responsible, Tags, and Mailing tab. You can send the information via send new mailing, send social post, push notification.

image 45

Now you can edit and configure the mail from here to send it to various recipients.

image 46

After click on the settings tab, you can change the person who is responsible for the mail and can even change the sender and whom to reply to.

image 47

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