What is Time Off : A period of time when you do not work because of illness or holidays or because your employer has given you permission to do something else.

Odoo Time Off Module : In every organization, one of the most crucial jobs is leave management. A leave management system, also known as time-off management. Each employee in your firm can use the Odoo Time Off module to seek leave, which is then granted by the manager or the appropriate authority. Odoo leave module gives the versatility to determine leaves based on the hours worked on the day such as Half Paid day or half-day leave without pay.  All leave types are handled by leave rules & HR policy according to the respective organization.

To control the leave management without a leave management system is a very tough task for the organization. So Odoo introduced its own Time Off Module to handle leave management. Each employee can create a request for leaves that are further approved by the manager or other concerned person. Also, here the manager can create leaves for employees according to his requests.

In this blog we will talk about the configuration of the Time Off Module in Odoo V15.

To use this module, this module should be installed in your Odoo database. If this is not installed then go to the Odoo App store and install it from there. Right now this module is installed for me. So I will just click on this module icon and go to its dashboard. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Odoo provides two different views of the Time Off calendar and Gantt chart. Above screenshot is the calendar view. From the dashboard, employees can manage their personal leave requests and many more features. You can also display the previous and future months in the window. In addition, you can also view the Day, Week, Month, and Year with a single click in the window.

On the dashboard you can see the various tabs such as My Time Off, Overview, Approvals, Reporting and Configuration.

Above screenshot is the Gantt view of the Time off Module.

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Above screenshot is the list view of the time off module dashboard.

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Above screenshot is the Calendar view of the Time Off Module.

Configuration : Let’s see how you can configure the Odoo V15 Time Off Module. When you click on the configuration menu you can see the drop down menu which consists of the Time Off Types, Accrual plans, Public Holidays. Let’s talk about every option in detail.

Time Of Types : From the configuration tab when you click on the Time Off Type option, you will come to the new window.

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From the above screenshot you can see the different types of time off. You can create a new one also with the help of the Create Button. Through this you can easily categorize the type of leave.

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From the above screenshot you can see various fields. You have to fill in the details and save the type of time off.

Title : In this field you have to fill the title name. You have to make sure the name of the time off request type relates to the nature of the leave type.

Approval : In this field you can choose from the four options as per your leave type. Options are No Validation,By TimeOff Officer, By Employee’s Approver, By Employee’s Approver and TimeOff Officer.

Responsible Time Off Officer : Here you have to fill the name of the responsible time off officer.

Take Off Time in : In this field you have to fill what type of time off you want to take such as Day, Half day and hours. This depends on the nature of the time off you are creating.

Company : In this field you have to fill in the name of the company.

Requires Allocation : Allocation requests will allow you to send requests for sanctioning paid, unpaid leave or legal leave. You can set the Allocation requests on each Time off request separately. For this you can set it as with Yes or No Limit according to your business organization.

Employee Request : From this field you can choose Employee Extra days request allowed or not allowed as per the nature of the leave type.

Approval : In this field you can set approval such as No validation needed, Approved by Time off officer, Set By Time Off Officer. 

Display option : In this field you can choose the color and cover image for the leave type you are creating for easy management. There are lots of options available in the cover image. You can choose one of them according to your leave type.

After filling all the fields click on the save button and your new type of time off is created.

Accrual Plans : The accrual plans allow the qualified employees to accrue paid time off each year and use it for vacation leave or sick leave. Odoo Time Off platform will enable you to define various Accrual Plans and configure them according to your company policies and rules. This is the new feature of Odoo time off module introduced in version 15. This can be configured according to the company policies. You can find this option under the configuration tab. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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In the above screenshot you can see the created accrual plan, you can create a new one with the help of the create button. When you click on the create button a new window will appear.

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You have to fill the name of the title, choose level transition from option Immediately or After this Accural’s period.

When you click on the “Add A New Level” a new window will popup. 

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Start Date : In the Start After field, you can set how many days, months, or years after allocation you want to start this accrual plan. 

Based on Worked type : When you enable this field, the accrual plan only accrues for the time worked by the employee. This is the time when the employee did not take time off.

Rate : This field contains the number of days or hours that will be incremented in the specified Time Off Type for every period that can be allocated.

Frequency :  You can select frequency as Daily, Weekly, Twice a month, Monthly, Twice a year, and Yearly.

Limit To : In this field you can set a limit to accrual in the Limit.

At the end of the calendar year, unused accruals will be : In this field you can specify whether the unused accruals may carry forward or not. Here Odoo provides you two options such as Transferred to the next year and Lost. 

When you fill in all the fields according to your organization policy you can save this. Now you can easily apply these Accrual Plans in your Accrual allocations. This is how you can create a new Accrual plan.

Public Holidays : This is also a new feature in Odoo V15. When you click on the configuration tab then you can select this option from the drop down menu. When you click on this option a new window will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Right now there is no public holiday created, so you can create according to your company with the help of the create button. When you click on the create button a new window will open.


In the above image you just have to mention the name of the public holiday and your public holiday is created.

I hope you understand the configuration of the Odoo V15 Time Off Module.

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