In this blog we will talk about “ComparisonIn between odoo enterprise vs community in version 15”

Before this I will start things from the beginning like what ERP is, how it became TinyERP > Openerp > Odoo.

Now let’s start with ERP.

ERP : You can think of an enterprise resource planning system as the glue that binds together the different computer systems for a large organization. Without an ERP application, each department would have its system optimized for its specific tasks. With ERP software, each department still has its system, but all of the systems can be accessed through one application with one interface.

ERP is a software system that helps you run your entire business, including processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, CRM, accounting, sales, supply chain, services, procurement, and more.

TinyERP : In 2005, Fabien Pinckaers, the founder and current CEO of Odoo, started to develop his first software product, which is TinyERP.

OpenERP : Three years later, the name was changed to OpenERP. The company started to grow quickly and in 2010, OpenERP had become a 100+ employee company. In 2013, the company won a Deloitte award for being the fastest-growing company in Belgium, with 1549% growth over a five-year period.

Odoo : In 2014, the company was renamed Odoo, to diversify itself from the term “ERP”. In 2015, Inc. Magazine placed Odoo in the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in Europe.

Odoo is an open-source ERP solution that is a popular ERP tool for all kinds of business operations. An Open Source Software Solution, Odoo has two versions to help businesses of all scales. 

Odoo Community Version : Odoo Community Version is a fully open-source version released under LGPLV3 license that does not require any license. It comes with limited functionality but it is useful to manage your business objectives. A few limitations of Odoo community compared to Odoo enterprise are the lack of unlimited functional support, version upgrade and hosting assistance. Mobile version and studio support are also not supported. Full-fledged use of Sales, HRMS, website, eCommerce and other modules also is not possible with Odoo Community.

Odoo Enterprise Version : Odoo Enterprise Edition is a licensed version that offers added features and functionalities. Even though there are licensing fees, you never have to pay for applications that you don’t use. This feature keeps your overall costs down and ensures that you only work with the applications your business needs.

Let’s talk about the comparison between Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise.

     Functions and FeaturesOdoo CommunityOdoo Enterprise
                                  Free of cost              It’s paid
User Interface 
Desktop Web Browser                      Yes                      Yes
Mobile Android and iOS                        No                      Yes
Unlimited Functional support                        No                      Yes
Version Upgrades                        No                      Yes
Hosting                        No                      Yes
Screen customization                        No                      Yes
Report Designer                        No                      Yes
Menus Editor                        No                      Yes
Creation of Apps                        No                        Yes
Website Builder
Website Builder                      Yes                        Yes
Blogs                      Yes                        Yes
Presentations                      Yes                        Yes
Themes                      Yes                        Yes
Call-to-action Blocks                      No                        Yes
Live chat                      Yes                        Yes
Events                      Yes                        Yes
Forums                      Yes                        Yes
Fully eCommerce                      Yes                      Yes
Shipping Connector                      No                        Yes
Amazon Connector                      No                        Yes
eBay Connector                      No                        Yes
Invoicing and Payments                      Yes                      Yes
Full Accounting(Bank statement imports, Billing Digitization, Budgets, Checks, consolidation, Localization, Reports, Vendor bill Digitization )                      No                        Yes
Comprehensive Accounting(General Ledger, Bank statement, reconciliation, Analytic Accounting, Vendor Bill OCR, Budgets, Check writing, Consolidation, Localization, Reports )                      No                      Yes
E-Learning                      Yes                      Yes
Google Spreadsheet Integration                      Yes                      Yes
Fleet                      Yes                      Yes
Notes                      Yes                      Yes
Appointment                      No                        Yes
Sales Management
CRM                      Yes                        Yes
Sales                      Yes                        Yes
Customer Portal                      Yes                        Yes
VoIP Integration                        No                        Yes
eSignature                        No                      Yes
Subscription                        No                      Yes
Rental                        No                      Yes
Digital Products                        No                      Yes
Help Desk                        No                      Yes
Field Service                        No                      Yes
Repair Services                        No                        Yes
Employee Directory                        Yes                    Yes
Expenses                        Yes                      Yes
Leaves                        Yes                      Yes
Recruitment                        Yes                      Yes
Expenses                        Yes                        Yes
Payroll                        No                        Yes
Aprasils                        No                        Yes
Approvals                        No                        Yes
Employee Referral                        No                        Yes
Departments Dashboard                        No                        Yes
Marketing Management
Events                      Yes                        Yes
Email Marketing                        Yes                        Yes
Live Chats                        Yes                        Yes
Social Marketing                        No                        Yes
SMS Marketing                        Yes                        Yes
Marketing Automation                         No                        Yes
Lead Scoring                        No                        Yes
Email Marketing Templates                        No                        Yes
Surveys                        No                        Yes
Project Management
Tasks                        Yes                        Yes
Timesheets                        Yes                        Yes
Forecasts                        No                        Yes
Inventory Management                        Yes                      Yes
Purchase Management                        Yes                      Yes
Barcode Support                        No                      Yes
Shipping Connector                        No                      Yes
Multi-Company-Flows                        No                      Yes
MRP                        No                      Yes
IoT                        No                      Yes
MRP ||                        No                      Yes
PLM                        No                      Yes
Maintenance                        Yes                      Yes
Quality                          No                      Yes
Shipping Connectors                          No                        Yes
Point of sale                        Yes                        Yes
Pos Restaurants                        Yes                        Yes
Loyalty Cards                        No                        Yes
Coupans Program                        No                        Yes
Promotion Program                        No                        Yes

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