What is E Learning : A learning system based on formalized teaching but with the help of electronic resources is known as E-learning. While teaching can be based in or out of the classrooms, the use of computers and the Internet forms the major component of E-learning. 

E-learning is rapidly turning out to be the face of education in the world of technology. 

E Learning in Odoo : The use of eLearning is no longer limited to traditional educational institutions. Many companies have also already recognized the advantages of eLearning. For internal processes in companies, eLearning can, for example, support the onboarding of new employees, be used for training, education and workshops or be used as a tool for knowledge management.

E-learning Module introduced in Odoo version 13. It provides opportunities for creating online courses, Enabling the users to join and complete the online course with rules configured while creating the course. 

This module also provides so me features like configure quizzes, badges, Beautiful dashboard for currently logged in users, Status of courses which he or she joined, badges, Rank and user profile information. 

The E-learning model introduced by Odoo is a supporting tool where the courses can be defined, forums can be created and certification programs can be conducted and managed easily in a way it is the Best Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

Odoo eLearning Module has the following features : Every module has some special features the same as the eLearning module has some features also. Please have a look at them.

  • Karma points can be availed for courses, forums, and quizzes.
  • Candidates can comment on quizzes to help out others which is beneficial in group operations.
  • Students can download content and external descriptions and data.
  • An archive course content is depicted as unpublished.
  • Highlight new content and sell them to candidates.
  • Certification templates to choose from.
  • Brief course descriptions can be provided for each course.
  • Enhanced Leaderboard
  • Added Latest achievements

This blog will give you a brief overview of the eLearning Module in Odoo V15.

To use this module first you have to install this module from the Odoo apps. And if this module is installed in your Odoo database then just click on the icon of the eLearning Module.

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When you click on the icon, you will come to the eLearning Module dashboard. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Creating a new Course : Under this module users can create a new course by clicking on Create Button on the eLearning overview page or users can edit the existing course also. Let’s click on the “Create Button”. When you click on the create button a new form will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.


Under the Create course page we have the following fields such as add course name, add Image of the course, tags, content, description, options & karma. 

Content tab is used to add course-related content. You can add section, content and certification in this tab. 

Description tab is used to provide the description about the course which you want to describe.

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Options tab having Course, Communication, Access rights and Display related information.


Under the Karma tab, we can check the Rewards and their access rights details.

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When you fill in all the required information you can click on the save button and your form will be saved.

If you want to edit the existing course then you click on any of them courses available in th eLearning Overview dashboard. Let’s see the  “Basics of Gardening” as highlighted in the screenshot below.

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Users can give the title of Course and add content or lessons to that course. add course name, add Image of the course, tags, content, description, options & karma. The contents can be added under the content menu by adding a section, add content, and add a certification for the course. 

Description Tab is to define a description of that course. For reference you can see the screenshot below. 

The user can add and configure the course option. The course type, responsible person for the course, and the website it should be described. In addition, the enrollment policy can be described as public or an invitation. Under the communication menu, the user can enable the candidates to rate and allocate a forum. Moreover, the visibility of the course to the public or the members only.

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Users can set the rewards points based on a particular action. Here the reward points for the courses can be set up such as for reviewing the course and finishing the course. In addition, the access rights rewards for adding a review, adding a comment, and vote can also be configured.

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How to view courses on a website : Other than these options we have a feature to check course website views. Here we also can check the preview of each content under any particular course. We can add more content, edit, delete, publish, share. 

Click on the view course button, with the help of this button you will go to the website. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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When you click on the Course button as highlighted in the above screenshot you will see all the courses available on the website.

Under the course menu which can be accessed from the dashboard of the website. When you click on all courses tab the user can view all the courses being described. hHWqvrBEhGy LZNPlBJNu4BUrcSpfJeQGV2ppv9m3TAXdW7rW8liRcwIKVIU HL73mpAgNFEW z6WtrXFIzNskdLVmLFrgTkDqcC1R7ekYrajMc1bIenqRuo l0PE5AWpOz0qJy1

The user can filter out the courses based on the level of the courses being described. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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In addition, the filtering can also be done based on the role of the candidate.

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The tags option allocated to each course can be used as a filtering aspect while dealing with the list of courses described. Additionally, the user can search the name of the respective course under the search bar options available.

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Apart from these options we have a feature to check course website views. Here we also can check the preview of each content under any particular course. We can add more content, edit, delete, disable, publish, share.

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When a candidate logs into the company website and when he will go into a section of the course to be taken he will be depicted with the descriptive contents and sections provided by the user. In addition, the candidates can take part in quizzes and certification as described under the respective time schedule described.

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The candidates can view their profile also under the website directly from the course menu. Here the karma points and the levels of certification achieved are described. And he can see the badgers and vote details are described along with the basic information of the candidate.

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To Edit the Course : To Edit the course we have an edit button along with the particular course card and the other options available like delete, invite, mail attendees, etc.

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This is the brief overview of the eLearning module in Odoo V15. You can find more details in our upcoming blog. If you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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