Integrated Spreadsheet – BI Reporting (Instant Business Intelligence)

Odoo 14 has launched a very useful feature to maintain the ease and comfort of users to work in excel spreadsheets. Sometimes it becomes untidy and hectic to produce and analyse data on ERP screens/reports. Initially, users had to download the pivot view of any report to edit in excel spreadsheet. After editing they had to re-upload it in the respective screens. The new feature facilitates us to produce and store excel sheets in ERP itself. This brings ease at analysing reports and its intelligent pivot table relationship with dashboard helps to fetch live data. User can perform all possible actions and input formulae just like ordinary excel spreadsheet. User can add columns, remove columns, insert new formulae, apply conditional formatting etc. Also, it is extremely fast.  The Documents application was used to upload, maintain and share all company related documents. This app is upgraded with a new feature to ‘CREATE SPREADSHEET’ which will be in .xls format. The sheets can be saved in module-wise folders to bring ease at finding it as shown below. BI 1 Taking an example of CRM where pivot view of dashboard is as shown below. Here we can add filters or perform dropdown action for analysis of leads. If users are more comfortable with excel sheets to analyse CRM leads then directly from here they can transfer this data to excel spreadsheet within the ERP without downloading it. This can be done by selecting ‘INSERT IN SPREADSHEET’ icon as shown below. This feature helps to avoid many downloads and maintaining ERP related spreadsheets in desktop PC. BI 2 You can find every data related to your pivot table in the respective dashboard in this spreadsheet. You can find live changing data from dashboard to this sheet directly. Users can always use filters to view data as per preference. Columns, formulae, conditions can always be inserted. Even ‘Vlook-up’ feature works here at a great speed. BI 3 The Integrated Spreadsheet in Documents app is a dynamic feature which helps in very quick reporting, thus saves your precious time. This is available in all the dashboards of different modules where you need analyse the reports in pivot table view.  

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