What is Attendance Management : Attendance Management keeps track of your employee hours. It is the system you use to document the time your employees work and the time they take off. Attendance Management can be done by recording employee hours on paper, using spreadsheets, punching time cards, or using online attendance software for your company.

Attendance Management in Odoo : Doesn’t matter what type of business you are running. Employees’ attendance always matters and it’s a crucial part for your organization’s growth. To manage employee attendance Odoo introduced its own Attendance module. You have no need to use any other software  to track employee attendance. Every employee who comes to the office needs to login to the system every day. With this module you can easily manage entry or exit time of the particular employee. The Odoo ERP system will help you in managing the attendance of all employees by ensuring the timely recording of working hours. This blog covers the installation, configuration, and functionality of the Attendance Work Entry Type module for Odoo. This module allows you to set Work Types on attendance records.

Benefits of Odoo Attendance Management Module in V15.

  • Mobility : This module easily integrates with any attendance devices, such as facial recognition, fingerprint biometric devices, swipe cards, or web punch.
  • Access from a far : You can access this anywhere. If you are working from home, office or any other location. When an employee is not in the office and working from home or any other location, it will be difficult to track their working efficiency and productivity. This module is tracking everything you are working on.
  • Authenticity : The Attendance module in Odoo allows a company’s HR department to accurately track employee time and attendance.
  • Trackable : Through this module you can easily track the employee working hours, working efficiency and productivity.
  • Tracking Working Capabilities : You can judge the working capabilities of your employees and this factor is sometimes considered as important during appraisals.

The Attendance module has three access rights groups.

  1. A user without one of these access rights groups has no access to the module.
  2. A user with the “Manual Attendance” access right has access to the check-in/check-out and the overview of his own attendances.
  3. A user with the “Officer” access right has access to the overview of all employees’ attendances and the module’s reporting.

First of all this module should be installed in your database if you want to use this. If this is not installed for you then go to the Odoo apps and install this module from there. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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Now install this module and after installation it will show you in your Odoo database.

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Now you can see the icon of the Attendances Module. Click on the icon.

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Now you can see from the above image it asks you to check in. Let’s click on the Check In button. You can use this option to record the exact time of your arrival and leaving time with a few clicks. Clicking on the arrow to check-in and it will show your arrival time and your working time will start to record.

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Now you are on the dashboard of the Attendances Module. Click on the ok button and let’s proceed further.

As you can see there are five tabs on the dashboard such as CheckIn/Check Out, Kiosk Mode, Attendances, Reporting and Configuration. We will discuss each here.

Check In/ Check Out : When you click on this tab it will show you check in and Check out page. With the help of this you can check in yourself and check out yourself. It will also show you the recorded time like how many hours you spend today with the check in and check out time.

Kiosk Mode : With the Kiosk you have two other options to Check In and Check Out. You can use a barcode entry or a unique pin to register your attendance. To check its functionality click on the Kiosk Mode tab.

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Tap To Scan : When you click on the Tap To Scan then you have to scan your identification which has a unique barcode. This barcode identifies your identity. This barcode can be generated under the HR settings tab in the employee profile of the particular employee. 

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You can generate a unique Pin and Barcode for the particular employee. And She/He can only use this to check In/ Check Out. When you click on the Print Badge button it will generate the identification card with the Barcode. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

6qm07v7UvgOZogVfXLnGOysgc5Omi6VzZEIFCdBfwSa4 1v3AjS2cachVna AyRcEe9rmtp48dir37nLxGiTJPxukmQ7iE AhZ0eMj2XESVm26kzECeT5CfHllPBMaC7zjBZ9XCk

Above Image is the ID card of the Beth Evans Employee. Now he can use this card to check in and check out. In this you can see the name of the employee, barcode and you can also insert the company logo with the help of “Your Logo” button.

Identify Manually : In this option an employee has to mention his pin via check in and check out. To enable this let’s go to the configuration tab. When you click on the configuration tab you will come to the new window. For reference you can see the screenshot above.

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Now click on the Employee Pin checkbox to enable this feature. And after clicking on this click on the save button to save the changes.

You can choose either the “Scan Your Badge” or “Identify Manually” option to register your attendance in the kiosk mode. 

When you click on Identify Manually you will directly come to the new window where you have to mention your employee pin to check in. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

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This is the same way to check out the process.

Overview of All the Employee Attendance : Now you can see the details of all the attendances of the employees of your organization. You can do this via simply clicking on the Attendance tab.

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From the above image you can see the attendance of all the employees with Check In, Check Out time with total working hours spent on the day. The HR team can export this data also for their specific reasons.

Reporting : For reporting you can click on the Reporting tab on the attendance module. With this feature you can judge each employee’s weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance.

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Above image is the graphical view of the reporting analysis. You can see this graphical view in various forms such as Bar chart, Line chart, Pie chart, stacked etc.

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Above screenshot shows the Bar Chart.

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Above screenshot shows the Line chart.

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Above chart shows the Pie chart.

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Above screenshot shows the Pivot view of the attendance analysis. You can save this data into your company database with the help of the “Insert In Spreadsheet” button. And later it will be very useful for your company annual function, payroll, appraisal to employees.

This is the way the Attendance module works in V15. I hope that you like this blog and if you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo 

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