SMS marketing is a procedure based on sending SMS to a wider audience around the world. SMS Marketing is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS). With the help of SMS Marketing, you can save costs and increase messaging accuracy. You can send messages individually or groups/target lists using group communication scheduling. In this blog, you are going to discuss the ”A Complete Guide to SMS Marketing in Odoo 15″.

In Odoo 15 SMS marketing is a marketing channel, extremely like email marketing, that involves sending marketing messages to customers via SMS, or also usually known, text messaging. SMS Marketing technique modifies from the promotional message, product launches, new lines, sales, offers, etc. SMS marketing is the perfect modern way to communicate with your customers.


First of all, you can install the SMS Marketing module in your database.


Including just one click, now you can send bulk SMS to users. You just have to type the message and hit send. At that time, you can Analysis of your SMS campaign on the top of the screen. You can see the analytics of the SMS campaign like how many received, opened, clicked, lead generated, quotation and revenue generated.

While starting into the SMS Marketing application with a simple to use interface of the Odoo SMS Marketing. Now you can create the new SMS Marketing by clicking on the Create button.


After clicking on the create button you can create a new SMS Marketing like Black Friday SMS Coupon. Now you can fill all the required fields like Title, Recipient, Select Mailing List, SMS Content & Setting, etc. Now you can choose the Recipients from the drop-down list.


Now you can fill the relevant Recipient from here to send the message to. After selecting the recipient now you can easily add the filters for the records as per your needs.

image 2

At that time, under the SMS Content tab, you can also add the contents by clicking on the SMS Content tab.

image 3

Whenever you want to check the prices to send one SMS to another country so you can click on the information icon button.

image 4
SMS Pricing

In the SMS Content tab, links can be inserted and Odoo will automatically create link trackers. At Settings you have the option include opt-out link available. At the same time, you can tick the checkbox of include opt-out link, then the contact will be ready to unsubscribe from the mailing list he is not involved in anymore.

image 5

After successfully creating mail, now you must select the when you want it to be delivered. Now you see you have the following options here:

Send:  In this type of field is used to quickly send the message. This type of option is used at the same time,  there are not many recipients.

Schedule: This type of field is used to select the day and time to send SMS.

Test: This type of field is used to send SMS for test purposes.

image 6

In Odoo SMS Marketing module allows you to handle your SMS contacts you can create & import your individual list of contacts and send text messages in bulk. Once you have all your contacts created on the SMS Marketing module, you can send SMS messages to a single contact, group of contacts or all contacts in bulk with a simple click, which free you from the trouble of typing in numbers manually one by one.

Now go to the SMS Marketing Module -> Mailing List -> Click on the Create button.

image 7

After clicking on the Mailing List Contact button, you can view the entire contact list via clicking on the Mailing list contact.

image 8
contact list

Now you can fill the following required fields like you can enter the name of the mailing list and tick the checkbox of the public then click on the create button. 

contact mass mailing list

To Visualize Reports

Now you can analysis of the visual reports of SMS mailings via going to the Reporting tab of the SMS Marketing app.

Now go to the SMS Marketing app -> click on the Reporting button to analyze the report of the SMS Mailing. Similarly, you can get the use of the filters to see higher essential analysis.


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